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“Duo VOCEllino”  Balcanic & Hungarian folk music Sønderho Church 7.30 pm Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Edina “Mókus” Szirtes, violin and vocals
Ditta Rohmann, cello and vocals
Concert includes a glass of Festival Wine and Cheese at 6.45 pm. at the Musikkens Hus across the road from the church

 In a realm where melodies dance free,
Where forms and styles hold no decree,
A duo thrives with their limitless aim,
To break all boundaries and redefine the game.


“Mókus” hails from a world of folk and ethno,
While Ditta’s roots are classical and grand,

Together they birthed a sound of their own,
With improvisations, compositions, and influences that expand.

Balkan and Hungarian flavors, they infuse,
Pop-like melodies sometimes they use,
Their genre is an enigma, hard to define,
But their music is a poetry, divine.


BUY SINGLE TICKETS     7 koncerter KR.600,-

3 FOR KR. 300,-

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