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Jazz with Artturi Rönkä, Anna Emmeluth and Antti Salovaara at South Denmark’s Music Academy, Esbjerg 8 pm. Saturday 26th August

Get ready to be captivated by the fresh and innovative jazz interpretations of Artturi Rönkä, Anna Emmeluth, and Antti Salovaara. These talented musicians bring a unique energy and spirit to the genre. Let their music take you on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Artturi Rönkä, Anna Emmeluth, and Antti Salovaara play lyrical music inspired by nature from Finland and Denmark, as well as selected jazz standards for this exceptional jazz ensemble. It’s not often that you encounter the bassoon in a jazz context!

Anna Emmeluth is currently releasing her debut album on September 1st, and in the concert, the trio will perform versions of Emmeluth’s new compositions, Rönkä’s music, and selected gems from jazz-inspired pieces from the classical world, arranged by the trio.

Artturi Rönkä visits Esbjerg as a composer and musician guest of the Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival, and his piece “Phases II” for trio will have its premiere at the festival. Antti Salovaara performs in the Esbjerg Ensemble. Rönkä and Salovaara have been colleagues since their shared studies in Paris 10 years ago.

BUY SINGLE TICKETS     7 koncerter KR.600,-

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