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Kerstin Thiele

Kerstin ThieleKerstin Thiele, flute


Kerstin Thiele has been a member of the Esbjerg Ensemble since 1986. The Esbjerg Ensemble, Denmark’s oldest professional international chamber music ensemble, is renowned for its dynamic performances and commitment to contemporary and classical repertoire, contributing significantly to the international and Danish music scene.

“It was a fortunate coincidence that led me to start playing the flute. My sister and father were part of the local brass band, and when they needed a flute player, I gladly took on the position.”

Kerstin is a board member, appointed by her fellow musicians. She pursued her studies with solo flutist Toke Lund Christiansen at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Professor Andre Jaunet in Zurich.

In addition to her role in the Esbjerg Ensemble, Kerstin Thiele actively participates in the music scene both domestically and internationally. She also serves as a teacher at the South Jutland Academy of Music.

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