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A Heartfelt Welcome to the Festival!

Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival, an initiative in its 24th year has invited guest musicians from all over the world to this international community of artists, collaborating in new consternations and forming new relationships. As in every past year we are especially honored that the musicians of Esbjerg Ensemble also collaborate this year in 10 concerts from the 6th to the 28th August.

Concerts of classical music will be performed on the idyllic island of Fanø in Nordby and Sønderho’s beautiful country churches, which has many quaint sailing-ships hanging from the ceilings alluding to Fanø in the 17th century when it was a home port to 160 ships. The Church of Our Saviour, (Vor Frelsers Kirke in Danish,) Esbjerg’s central church in collaboration with Esbjerg City’s annual popular Festival Week. Hjerting Church, 10 kms north of Esbjerg, which is a modern architectural gem and finally several performances in the Danish National Academy of Music’s concert hall, a historic building and a mix of Jugend and Classicist styles found in Viennese architecture, and stunning architecture for a former power plant. What makes it one of the best halls in Europe to experience chamber music is because of its extraordinary acoustics. This year’s final concerts will be broadcasted by Denmark’s national radio.

Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival, since its inception in 1999, has relied fully on donations for its survival. Despite the most challenging of circumstances in 2020, EICMF staged 15 performances in August, held in various venues encompassing Esbjerg, Fanø and Ribe demonstrating its tremendous value for the region. This has been evidenced through countless broadcasts on Danish National Radio, collaborations with German Radio and the popularity of The EICMF Youtube channel that has amassed many millions of hits.

Michel Camille, Artistic Director

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