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Aros Guitar Duo

An enchanting evening with the Aros Guitar Duo

Sønderho Church, Fanø. Wednesday 3rd July 2024 at 7.30 pm

SINGLE TICKETS All-inclusive Festival Ticket KR. 700,-

Asger Buur: In Spring

Cesar Franck: Prelude, fugue et variation

Martin Lohse: Ver

J.S. Bach: Selection from the Goldberg Variations

Johannes Brahms: Theme and Variations Op.18b

Paolo Bellinati: Jongo

An enchanting evening with the Aros Guitar Duo

An Evening with Aros Guitar Duo

Experience an enchanting evening of musical brilliance with the Aros Guitar Duo, a captivating ensemble known for their exceptional artistry and exquisite performances. This duo, consisting of two virtuoso guitarists, has captivated audiences worldwide with their masterful interpretations and innovative repertoire, making them one of the most sought-after guitar ensembles in contemporary classical music.

The Aros Guitar Duo, comprising two extraordinarily talented guitarists, has established itself as a formidable presence in the world of classical guitar. Known for their dynamic performances and seamless interplay, the duo brings a unique blend of technical proficiency and expressive depth to their music. Their repertoire spans a diverse range of musical styles, from the classical traditions of the Renaissance and Baroque periods to contemporary compositions and innovative arrangements of popular music.

The Aros Guitar Duo was formed out of a shared passion for the guitar and a mutual desire to explore the instrument’s vast expressive potential. Both members of the duo are accomplished musicians with extensive training and performance experience. Their backgrounds include rigorous studies at prestigious music institutions, where they honed their technical skills and developed a deep understanding of the guitar’s rich history and repertoire.

One of the hallmarks of the Aros Guitar Duo is their versatility and adaptability. Their performances are characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a profound sensitivity to the nuances of each piece they play. The duo’s repertoire is a carefully curated selection of works that showcases the breadth and depth of the guitar’s capabilities.

The duo often performs works by renowned composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, and Isaac Albéniz, bringing a fresh perspective to these timeless pieces with their innovative arrangements and interpretations.

In addition to classical repertoire, the Aros Guitar Duo is dedicated to promoting contemporary music. They frequently collaborate with modern composers to commission and premiere new works, expanding the guitar duo repertoire and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the instrument.

The duo’s performances also feature arrangements of traditional folk music from various cultures, highlighting the universal appeal and versatility of the guitar. These pieces often incorporate elements of different musical traditions, creating a rich tapestry of sound that resonates with audiences from diverse backgrounds.

The Aros Guitar Duo has performed at numerous prestigious venues and festivals around the world, earning acclaim for their captivating performances and exceptional musicianship. Some of their notable achievements include:

The duo has embarked on extensive concert tours across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, performing at renowned concert halls and music festivals. Their tours have garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, solidifying their reputation as one of the leading guitar duos of their generation.

Throughout their career, the Aros Guitar Duo has received numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding contributions to the field of classical guitar. These include top prizes at international guitar competitions and recognition from esteemed music organizations.

The duo has collaborated with a wide range of artists and ensembles, including orchestras, chamber groups, and soloists. Their recordings, which feature a diverse selection of their repertoire, have been praised for their technical brilliance and artistic integrity. These recordings are a testament to the duo’s commitment to excellence and their passion for sharing the beauty of guitar music with the world.

In addition to their performance career, the Aros Guitar Duo is deeply committed to music education and outreach. They regularly conduct masterclasses and workshops for aspiring guitarists, sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of musicians. Through these educational initiatives, the duo aims to inspire young guitarists and foster a greater appreciation for the art of classical guitar.

An evening with the Aros Guitar Duo promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with exquisite music and masterful performances. Whether you are a long-time fan of classical guitar or new to the genre, the duo’s artistry and passion are sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the Aros Guitar Duo in concert and experience the magic of their music firsthand.

Aros Guitar Duo – Mikkel Egelund Nielsen & Simon Wildau

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