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Eugène Ysaÿe’s Lyricism and Virtuosity

Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg.  Sunday 18th August 2024 at 4 pm

SINGLE TICKETS All-inclusive Festival Ticket KR. 700,-

Richard Strauss: Capriccio, String Sextet, Op. 85

Zoltàn Kodály: Intermezzo for String Trio

Eugène Ysaÿe: “Le Londres” for 2 violins and viola

Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen for String Septet

Eugène Ysaÿe’s Lyricism and Virtuosity

Eugène Ysaÿe’s Lyricism and Virtuosity Concert Description

Join us for an enchanting evening at the Klassisk Sommer Festival, held at the Syddansk Musikkonservatorium on Sunday, August 18th, 2024, at 4 pm. This special concert celebrates the lyricism and virtuosity of Eugène Ysaÿe, featuring a stellar lineup of musicians who will take you on a captivating journey through late Romantic chamber music. The program highlights the profound emotional depth and technical brilliance of this era, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The concert begins with Richard Strauss’s “Capriccio” for strings, Op. 85, a beautiful sextet that serves as the prelude to his opera “Capriccio.” This piece is renowned for its melodic charm and intricate interplay between the instruments, setting the tone for the evening’s exploration of romantic expression.

Next, the program features Zoltán Kodály’s “Intermezzo” for String Trio, a delightful piece that showcases the Hungarian composer’s masterful use of folk melodies and rhythmic vitality. Kodály’s work is known for its lyrical beauty and vibrant character, offering a perfect contrast to the surrounding pieces.

The highlight of the evening is Eugène Ysaÿe’s “Trio ‘Le Londres'” for two violins and viola. Ysaÿe, a Belgian violinist and composer, was celebrated for his virtuosic skill and innovative compositions. “Le Londres” is a testament to his genius, combining lyrical passages with dazzling technical demands. The piece opens with a majestic prelude, “Poco lento – Maestoso,” followed by the spirited “Allegro vivo e con fuoco,” displaying Ysaÿe’s ability to blend intensity with expressive depth.

The concert concludes with Richard Strauss’s “Metamorphosen” for string septet, an adagio composed in response to the bombing of Munich during World War II. This deeply emotional work reflects Strauss’s introspective style, filled with a profound sense of loss and contemplation. The rich textures and poignant melodies of “Metamorphosen” create a powerful closing to the evening’s performance.

The musicians for this concert are:

  • Alexi Kenney (violin): Known for his poetic style and impeccable technique, Alexi Kenney has quickly become a prominent figure in the classical music world. He has performed with major orchestras and at prestigious festivals, earning acclaim for his expressive interpretations and versatility.
  • Tim Crawford (violin): A dynamic violinist, Tim Crawford is celebrated for his vibrant performances and technical precision. He has appeared as a soloist and chamber musician in numerous renowned venues, captivating audiences with his energetic and nuanced playing.
  • Maja Horvat (violin): Maja Horvat’s artistry is characterized by her lyrical sensitivity and robust sound. She has a rich performing history, participating in international competitions and collaborating with esteemed ensembles, showcasing her remarkable musicality.
  • Hélène Clément (viola): As a distinguished violist, Hélène Clément brings a warm, rich tone and exceptional interpretative skills to her performances. She is a member of several leading chamber groups and has performed at major festivals around the world.
  • Michel Camille (viola): Michel Camille’s deep understanding of the viola’s expressive potential is evident in his performances. His nuanced playing and dedication to both classical and contemporary repertoire have made him a sought-after artist in the chamber music scene.
  • Isidora Timotijevic (viola): Known for her passionate playing and technical prowess, Isidora Timotijevic has performed extensively across Europe. Her interpretations are marked by emotional depth and a keen sense of musical dialogue.
  • Pau Codina (cello): Pau Codina is renowned for his expressive depth and technical excellence on the cello. He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician with leading orchestras and ensembles, earning praise for his rich sound and insightful interpretations.
  • Eddie Pogossian (cello): Eddie Pogossian’s performances are noted for their intensity and expressive power. His artistry has taken him to prestigious stages worldwide, where he has impressed audiences with his compelling musical narratives.
  • Kristina Edin (double bass): Kristina Edin brings a robust and lyrical approach to the double bass. Her versatile musicianship and command of the instrument have made her a prominent performer in both orchestral and chamber music settings.

This concert is a part of the Klassisk Sommer Festival’s ongoing mission to bring world-class music to the community, fostering a deep appreciation for the rich traditions of classical music. Each musician brings their unique voice to the ensemble, creating a cohesive and compelling performance that highlights the genius of composers like Strauss, Kodály, and Ysaÿe.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the profound beauty and technical brilliance of late Romantic chamber music performed by an exceptional group of musicians. Secure your tickets and prepare to be transported by the lyrical and virtuosic sounds of Eugène Ysaÿe and his contemporaries.

Richard Strauss: Capriccio, String Sextet, Op. 85

Zoltàn Kodály: Intermezzo for String Trio

Eugène Ysaÿe: “Le Londres” for Two Violins and Viola
•Prelude: Poco lento – Maestoso
•Allegro vivo e con fuoco

Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen for String Septet

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