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Forgotten Farrenc

Forgotten Louise Farrenc: A Celebration of Classical Mastery

Sct Catharinæ Church, Ribe. Friday 16th August 2024 at 4 pm

SINGLE TICKETS All-inclusive Festival Ticket KR. 700,-

Richard Strauss: Capriccio, String Sextet, Op. 85

Louise Farrenc: Nonet in E-flat major, Op. 38

Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen for String Septet

Forgotten Louise Farrenc: A Celebration of Classical Mastery

Join us on Friday, 16th August 2024 at 4 pm at the historic Sct Catharinæ Church in Ribe for an extraordinary concert dedicated to the often-overlooked composer Louise Farrenc. This event, part of the Klassisk Sommer Festival, will feature some of the finest musicians performing her work alongside that of Richard Strauss, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Concert Program

Richard Strauss: “Capriccio, String Sextet, Op. 85”
The concert begins with Strauss’s exquisite prelude to his final opera, a piece renowned for its lyrical beauty and complex harmonies. This sextet will transport the audience to a realm of deep musical introspection and sophistication.

Louise Farrenc: “Nonet in E-flat major, Op. 38”
The centerpiece of the evening is Farrenc’s nonet, a masterpiece that exemplifies her command of both classical form and romantic expression. Composed in 1849 and premiered with the legendary violinist Joseph Joachim, this piece is celebrated for its elegant orchestration and vibrant energy. The four movements—Adagio – Allegro, Andante con moto, Scherzo: Vivace, and Adagio – Allegro—demonstrate Farrenc’s innovative approach and her ability to weave intricate musical textures.

Richard Strauss: “Metamorphosen for String Septet”
Concluding the concert is Strauss’s profound “Metamorphosen,” an adagio that reflects on the devastation of World War II. This septet is a deeply emotional and somber work, showcasing Strauss’s introspective response to the cultural and physical destruction of his homeland.

Featured Musicians

This exceptional program is brought to life by a group of distinguished musicians, each renowned in their own right:

Alexi Kenney (Violin): Hailed for his innovative and emotive performances, Kenney is a rising star in the classical music world. He has performed with major orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic and received accolades for his technical precision and expressive playing. Kenney’s interpretation is both technically precise and deeply expressive, making each performance a unique experience.

Tim Crawford (Violin): Known for his dynamic and passionate playing, Crawford brings a vibrant energy to the ensemble. He has performed internationally, collaborating with leading ensembles and chamber groups. His commitment to chamber music is evident in his nuanced and collaborative performances.

Maja Horvat (Violin): Horvat’s lyrical and expressive style has won her acclaim across the globe. A graduate of prestigious music academies, she has been a prizewinner at numerous competitions. Her performances are marked by a delicate balance of technical skill and emotional depth.

Michel Camille (Viola): Serving as both a performer and artistic director, Camille’s interpretations are noted for their warmth and insight. He has a rich background in chamber music and has been instrumental in bringing high-quality performances to audiences worldwide. His presence in the ensemble adds a layer of rich, textured sound.

Hélène Clément (Viola): Clément’s viola playing is celebrated for its depth and expressiveness. She is a member of the renowned Doric String Quartet and has performed at major festivals around the world. She brings a robust, resonant tone to the ensemble, enhancing the overall harmonic richness.

Isidora Timotijevic (Viola): Renowned for her nuanced performances, Timotijevic has been a fixture in the European classical music scene. She holds positions with leading orchestras and chamber groups, adding significant depth to the ensemble with her resonant and expressive tone.

Pau Codina (Cello): Codina’s artistry is characterized by his technical mastery and expressive range, making him a standout performer. He has performed as a soloist with major orchestras and is highly sought after for both solo and chamber music engagements. His cello playing adds a profound emotional layer to the music.

Eddie Pogossian (Cello): Known for his passionate and dynamic performances, Pogossian brings a powerful and emotive sound to the ensemble. He has performed with prominent orchestras and chamber groups, enriching the overall musical experience with his robust playing.

Kristina Edin (Double Bass): Edin’s double bass playing is marked by its precision and musicality, providing a solid foundation for the ensemble. She has been a member of several leading orchestras and chamber ensembles, known for her reliable and nuanced performances.

David Daniel Dinu (Oboe): Dinu’s oboe is known for its clarity and expressiveness, adding a bright, lyrical quality to the wind section. He has performed internationally and is recognized for his solo and ensemble work.

Kerstin Thiele (Flute): Thiele’s flute playing is celebrated for its elegance and finesse, bringing a light and airy dimension to the ensemble. She has won numerous awards and performs regularly with top orchestras and chamber groups.

Ron Chen-Zion (Clarinet): Chen-Zion’s clarinet is noted for its rich tone and technical agility, adding a distinctive voice to the ensemble. He has an extensive performance history with leading ensembles and as a soloist.

Antti Salovaara (Bassoon): Salovaara’s bassoon playing provides a warm, rich timbre, complementing the harmonic textures of the ensemble. He is known for his versatility and has performed with many leading orchestras.

Joke Wijma (Horn): Wijma’s horn playing is characterized by its robust, resonant sound, adding a powerful presence to the wind section. She has an impressive career as a soloist and ensemble player, known for her commanding performances.

This concert is a celebration of the enduring legacy of Louise Farrenc and Richard Strauss, highlighting the exceptional talents of these world-class musicians. The programme promises an evening of profound musical exploration, showcasing the depth and versatility of classical music. Join us for this unique event and immerse yourself in the rich, emotive soundscapes crafted by these extraordinary composers and performers.

Richard Strauss: Capriccio, String Sextet, Op. 85

Louise Farrenc’s Nonet in E-flat major, Op. 38,
Adagio – Allegro
Andante con moto
Scherzo: Vivace
Adagio – Allegro

Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen for String Septet

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