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Mostly Beethoven

Mostly Beethoven

Sønderho Church, Fanø. Thursday 8th August 2024 at 7.30 pm

SINGLE TICKETS All-inclusive Festival Ticket KR. 700,-

Ludwig van Beethoven: String Trio in G major, Op. 9, No. 1

Holst Sextet: Sextet in e minor for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello

Mostly Beethoven

The Klassisk Sommer Festival proudly presents  an exquisite program highlighting Ludwig van Beethoven’s “String Trio in G major, Op. 9, No. 1” and Gustav Holst’s “Sextet in E minor for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello.”

The concert opens with Beethoven’s “String Trio in G major, Op. 9, No. 1,” a masterpiece from his early period, which showcases his burgeoning compositional genius. This work, comprising four movements, is characterised by its elegance, technical brilliance, and profound emotional depth. The first movement, “Adagio – Allegro con brio,” begins with a slow introduction that quickly transitions into a lively and spirited Allegro, displaying Beethoven’s signature dynamic contrasts and rhythmic vitality. The second movement, “Adagio ma non tanto e cantabile,” offers a lyrical and expressive melody, allowing the musicians to explore the trio’s rich harmonic textures. The third movement, “Scherzo: Allegro,” provides a playful and energetic contrast, featuring Beethoven’s innovative use of syncopation and rhythmic drive. The final movement, “Presto,” is a virtuosic tour de force, bringing the trio to a thrilling and exuberant conclusion.

Following Beethoven’s trio, the concert will present Gustav Holst’s “Sextet in E minor.” This rarely performed work highlights Holst’s unique voice and his ability to blend the influences of 19th-century composers like Mendelssohn, Schumann, and Brahms with his own distinctive style. The sextet, scored for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello, begins with a “Moderato” movement that sets a contemplative and lyrical tone. The second movement, “Scherzo: Allegro Vivace,” features brisk tempos and intricate interplay between the instruments, showcasing Holst’s mastery of orchestration. The third movement, “Adagio – Andante maestoso,” unfolds with a majestic and solemn character, leading to the final movement, “Allegretto (with variations),” which incorporates imaginative pizzicato string passages and culminates in a vibrant and joyful finale.

The concert’s stellar lineup of musicians includes David Daniel Dinu on oboe, renowned for his impeccable technique and expressive playing. Ron Chen-Zion, a clarinetist with a rich, warm tone and a versatile repertoire, will bring his exceptional artistry to the performance. Bassoonist Antti Salovaara, known for his profound musicality and technical prowess, will add depth and color to the ensemble. Joining them are Joel Bardolet on violin, Pau Codina on cello, and Michel Camille on viola. Bardolet, a violinist with a remarkable ability to convey emotion through his instrument, will undoubtedly captivate the audience. Codina, an accomplished cellist with a deep, resonant sound, will provide a solid foundation for the group, while Camille’s viola playing, characterized by its rich timbre and expressive nuance, will add an additional layer of warmth and complexity.

Ludwig van Beethoven: String Trio in G major, Op. 9, No. 1
I  Adagio – Allegro con brio
II  Adagio ma non tanto e cantabile
III  Scherzo: Allegro
IV  Presto

Holst Sextet: Sextet in e minor for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello
I  Moderato
II  Scherzo: Allegro Vivace
III  Adagio – Andante maestoso
IV  Allegretto​ (with variations)

David Daniel Dinu – oboe, Ron Chen-Zion, Antti Salovaara – bassoon, Joel Bardolet – piano, Pau Codina – cello, Michel Camille – viola
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