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The Radiance of Mozart

Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg. Saturday 24th August 2024 at 4 pm

SINGLE TICKETS All-inclusive Festival Ticket KR. 700,-

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quintet No. 4 in G minor, K. 516

Frank Bridge: Lament for 2 Violas

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Sextet for Strings in D Major, Op. 10

The Radiance of Mozart

Join us at the Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Esbjerg on Saturday, 24th August at 4 pm for “The Radiance of Mozart,” an exceptional concert celebrating the brilliance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other renowned composers. This event features an extraordinary lineup of internationally acclaimed musicians, promising a memorable and enriching musical experience.

The concert opens with Mozart’s String Quintet No. 4 in G minor, K. 516, a piece composed during a tumultuous time in Mozart’s life, reflecting deep emotional complexity and richness. The quintet is known for its dramatic contrasts, intricate harmonies, and profound emotional depth. This work, comprising four movements, showcases Mozart’s genius in balancing the quintet’s classical structure with expressive melodies. The first movement, Allegro, introduces a somber yet captivating theme, followed by the Menuetto: Allegretto, which offers a lighter, dance-like contrast. The Adagio ma non troppo is particularly noted for its lyrical beauty and introspective character, leading into the final movement, Adagio – Allegro, which resolves the quintet with a dynamic and uplifting conclusion.

Following Mozart’s masterpiece, the program features Frank Bridge’s Lament for 2 Violas. This piece, although brief, is profoundly moving, highlighting the viola’s rich tonal qualities and emotional expressiveness. Bridge’s Lament is a poignant and evocative composition that contrasts beautifully with the classical precision of Mozart, offering a moment of introspection and sorrowful beauty. The intertwining melodies of the two violas create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that lingers in the listener’s mind.

The concert concludes with Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Sextet for Strings in D Major, Op. 10. Composed in his teenage years, this sextet is a testament to Korngold’s early brilliance and the romanticism that would later define his Hollywood career. The work is structured in four movements: Moderato, Adagio, Intermezzo: Allegro molto, and Finale: Allegro. Each movement showcases Korngold’s lush harmonic language and his ability to craft intricate and emotive musical narratives. The sextet is characterized by its sweeping melodies, vibrant rhythms, and sophisticated interplay among the strings, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.

The musicians performing at this concert are some of the finest in the world, each bringing their unique artistry and expertise to the stage. Violinist Maria Wloszczowska is renowned for her technical prowess and emotional depth, captivating audiences worldwide with her performances. Pablo Hernán Benedí, another exceptional violinist, is celebrated for his versatility and expressive playing, making him a sought-after performer in the international chamber music scene. Tim Crawford, also on violin, brings a fresh and dynamic approach to his performances, with a keen sense of musicality and precision.

The violists, Michel Camille and Hélène Clément, add a rich and warm tonal layer to the ensemble. Michel Camille, who also serves as the festival’s artistic director, is known for his deep musical insights and charismatic performances. Hélène Clément, with her expressive and nuanced playing, complements Camille beautifully, creating a harmonious and balanced viola section.

Cellists Pau Codina and Eddie Pogossian complete the ensemble with their profound musicality and technical mastery. Pau Codina is acclaimed for his rich, sonorous tone and interpretative depth, making him a standout performer in any ensemble. Eddie Pogossian, known for his passionate and engaging performances, adds a vibrant and dynamic presence to the group.

This concert is not just a celebration of Mozart’s brilliance but also an exploration of the emotional and expressive potential of chamber music. Each piece on the program offers a unique narrative and emotional journey, from the classical elegance of Mozart to the poignant beauty of Bridge and the romantic richness of Korngold. The combination of these works, performed by such distinguished musicians, promises an unforgettable evening of music that will resonate deeply with audiences.

Join us for “The Radiance of Mozart” and experience the transformative power of live chamber music. This concert is a testament to the enduring appeal of these timeless works and the exceptional talent of the musicians who bring them to life. Whether you are a seasoned concertgoer or new to classical music, this event offers something truly special for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and radiance of some of the greatest chamber music ever written.

Maria Wloszczowska, Pablo Hernán Benedí, Tim Crawford – violin, Michel Camille, Hélène Clément – viola, Pau Codina, Eddie Pogossian – cello

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quintet No. 4 in G minor, K. 516
I.    Allegro
II.  Menuetto: Allegretto
III. Adagio ma non troppo
IV. Adagio – Allegro

Frank Bridge: Lament for 2 bratscher

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Sextet for Strings in D Major, Op. 10
I.   Moderato
II.  Adagio
III. Intermezzo: Allegro molto
IV. Finale: Allegro

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